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Driver CPC for LGV drivers

Are you a professional bus, coach or lorry driver? Or are you in charge of a fleet of professional drivers? The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is the qualification you need to ensure the high standards of driving necessary for this line of work are maintained.

Stockport LGV Training Centre are here to help you keep on top of this periodic training, so you can rest assured that you are meeting all current legislation.

Driver CPC training

In 2003 the EU passed the Driver CPC EU directive. This affects all LGV and PCV drivers. The start date for this initiative for LGV drivers began on the 10th September 2009. For new drivers, this increases the level of knowledge you need before you can drive.
All drivers both new and existing will have to undertake 35 hours of periodic CPC training every five years. CPC courses must be approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) and be delivered by an approved training centre.


All existing drivers’ 5 year period starts on the 10th September 2009 and runs until September 2014; until that date existing drivers have acquired rights. However, existing drivers must have completed 35 hours of periodic training and have received their Driver CPC card by the 10th September 2014 in order to continue driving. If this hasn’t been completed, you are unable to drive professionally until it has been achieved.
For new drivers, the start date of your 5 year period is the date that you passed the final part of your practical tests.

For all drivers:

Stockport LGV can organise and provide driver CPC periodic training with an approved trainer and courses.

CPC courses are run regularly and arranged to suit all our customers’ needs. We provide courses for private customers in house. Courses for companies can either be in house or at the companies premises.


We can run single courses of 1 module covering 7 hours, if you wish to spread the cost over the 5 year period or if you prefer we can organise for you to do the full 35 hours of training in a block. To attend a course you will need to book and on the day of the course bring your driving licence.

Driver CPC demonstration test

For new drivers who are going to be driving professionally (there are exemptions) or for 18 year olds who are taking their category C, Module 2 and Module 4 need to be taken.

Module 2 is a theory test based on case studies. There will be 7 case studies with 6 to 8 questions on each case study. The maximum score is 50 with the pass mark being 40. Module 2 must be passed before module 4 can be taken.

Module 4 is a 30 minute demonstration test with a pass mark of 80%. The test is in 5 sections with a minimum pass mark of 15% on 4 sections - and 20% on 1 section must be achieved to pass.

The sections are as follows:
1. Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use
2. Security of your vehicle and contents


3. Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking
4. Ability to assess emergency situations
5. Ability to prevent physical risk

We provide both the training and the vehicle required for this test. Passing this gains you your Driver Qualification Card.

Since the end of the first period of 5 years, when all drivers needed to take the 35 hours of periodic training, the rules have changed slightly to accommodate people who hold a heavy goods licence but have not got their Driver Qualification Card. You can now either complete 35 hours of periodic training or take the initial qualification. If you choose to take the initial qualification which is by far the quickest route, we will advise you regarding the necessary paperwork.

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