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All our HGV courses can be taken from the age of 18 years onwards. The only requirement if you are 18-21 years is that you must complete the Driver CPC no matter what you want the licence for.

The vocational licence:
C1 Licence – 7.5T
C1E Licence – 7.5T and Trailer combined weight 12T
C Licence – 32T, rigid vehicle, old class 2
CE Licence – articulated lorry, old class 1

These categories all require a private medical and theory tests - see Pretuition . You have to gain the licence for the lead vehicle before you can take the trailer test. For example, if you need the C1E, towing a trailer behind a 7.5T vehicle, you would need to take the C1 licence. Once passed you can take the C1E licence. If you choose to take the category C and CE you can then tow a trailer behind any vehicle.

The length of your driving course is determined by your own ability to drive, as seen in your assessment lesson. For example, our most common length of courses are 16, 18 or 20 hours which all include your tests times (a 16 hour course is 14 hours training and test).

Every course is individually tailored so that your training is specific to you, concentrating on ensuring you are ready for your test. Your course is run over consecutive days, so for example a 16 hour course would be run over two days with your test on the second day. This makes sure that you get the same vehicle and instructor for the length of your course (apart from exceptional circumstances outside our control).

This is your vocational licence which allows you to drive these vehicles for private use or certain jobs which have exemptions from the driver CPC .

For all other driving which is for hire and reward, the driver CPC must be taken.

Driver CPC

Car and Trailer BE (Towing Licence)

This trailer licence is needed for towing a caravan, horsebox or gardening equipment.
The regulations regarding when you need to do the trailer licence are very complicated. We can give advice but you can look at the regulations here.
This is the only licence we do which can be taken by a 17 year old - of course you must hold your car driving licence!
With a towing licence, there is no need to have a medical or apply for your provisional licence as you automatically get the provisional when you pass your car test (B).


The test itself is the same as you would do for the category CE articulated lorry. You have to be able to do a reversing manoeuvre, coupling and uncoupling correctly and then the same driving test, which lasts around an hour. See Practical Tests .
Depending on your experience with reversing trailers, the course can range from 8-16 hours. It can be in your car or our car. We have a Ford Ranger for this test with a camera which assists when you are reversing up to the trailer for the coupling exercise. The trailer has 0.6T of weight on now so is not so easy to move manually. For further information on towing a caravan or anything else involving a trailer, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Ambulance Driver Training - C1

The 7.5T is the vehicle needed for the ambulance service so as such is the same course as the LGV - except the ambulance service is exempt from the driver CPC as it is an emergency service.
We know from experience that the sooner you start, the less stressful the ambulance driver training process is.


The more time you can give yourself to gain your licence the better. If you are training to become a paramedic, having your C1 licence before you begin can help you get into universities or once qualified help you to gain employment.

Horsebox Licence - C1/C plus trailers if necessary

The category you choose depends on the vehicle you want to drive. We would always recommend that you take the test for the biggest vehicle but that is up to you. The commonest weights for Horse Boxes are 7.5T – Category C1, 12T and 18T – Category C. We will discuss your requirements and what your best options are. All these categories do require a medical and the theory tests to be done.


We have a couple of options regarding the Category C; either the manual vehicle or an automatic. Again, we discuss the best option for you, however you gain a manual horsebox licence whether you take the licence in a manual or an automatic.

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