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Obtaining a provisional LGV licence is a minefield of paperwork, forms, photos, more forms, proofs of identity… and did we mention forms?

We know how daunting the paperwork can be. Lucky for you, we've been organising people's provisional licence applications since 1978, so we're used to dealing with the red tape.

Stockport LGV Training Centre are here to make the entire LGV licence application as easy as possible.

Which licence is right for you?

We will always discuss with you which licence is best suited to you. Some people know exactly what they need, however, a lot of people aren’t aware of what each licence represents and in the long term which will suit them best. For instance, take a 19 year old who contacts us because he needs to be able to pull a trailer behind his car. We can provide this tuition either using our vehicle or his own; however, it then becomes clear from further discussion that he is planning to drive a 12 tonne vehicle in 6 months’ time. Although this seems fairly straightforward there are a number of options.


He could take a B+E (car and trailer test) then go through the whole procedure required at a later date for an LGV licence. Then a year or two later, he could take the C+E (articulated lorry) test. So far, he has taken 3 tests and spent the money for 3 courses and 3 tests, plus the tests for the driver CPCD qualification card. The alternative is to miss out the B+E and go straight for the category C and C+E – a reduction in the number of tests and courses and therefore, the cost. Not every option suits every person but we can provide you with all the facts so you can make your own choice.
As of the 8th June 2015 the paper counterpart of your licence no longer exists. The counterpart of your licence holds all the information regarding the provisional entitlements you have i.e. the vehicles you can drive on L plates.
It also provides information regarding any offences and penalties on your licence.
In order to find this information now you have to go online, whether you are training with us, hiring a car here or abroad or looking for driving jobs where they need to see your driving licence.

LGV Licence Classifications

Car Licence pre 01/01/1997

People who have passed their car tests before this date can drive:

  • B – car up to 3.5T
  • BE – car and trailer combined weight up to 7.5T
  • C1 – LGV up to 7.5T
  • C1E – LGV up to 7.5T limited weight trailer
You have to go online to, put in your National Insurance number, Driving Licence Number and your post code. This will then show you all your details. There is a tab which allows you to share your licence details. You have to create a code, after this you can either save the details, print the details or keep a record of the code created (NB it is case sensitive). This code can be given with the last 8 digits of your licence and they will get the relevant licence information.

Car Licence post 01/01/1997

People who have passed their car tests after this date can drive:

  • B – car up to 3.5T

LGV Licence Regulations

Class Description Minimum Age Maximised Authorised Mass (MAM) Notes
B+E Car with trailer 17 Motor vehicles with a MAM exceeding 3,500kg with a trailer over 750kg.  
C1 Medium sized vehicle 18 Lorries between 3,500kg and 7,500kg with a trailer up to 750kg Age limit of 18 only applies if the combination weight is under 7,500kg
C1+E Medium sized vehicle with trailer 21 Lorries between 3,500kg and 7,500kg with a trailer over 750kg where the total weight is not more than 12,000kg. If you passed your category B test prior to 1.1.1997 you will be restricted to a total weight of not more than 8,250kg.
C Large sized vehicle 21 Vehicles over 3,500kg with a trailer up to 750kg.  
C+E Large sized vehicle with trailer 21 Vehicles over 3,500kg with a trailer over 750kg.  
We can provide you with everything you need to apply for your provisional HGV licence – see our checklist.Prefer to do things yourself? Here’s what you need to know:
Form Description Download from
D2 HGV Provisional Licence Application Form
This is the form you need to apply for a provisional driving licence allowing you to learn to drive HGV vehicles.
D4 Medical Report Form
This is the form you need to take to your doctor.
Theory Test All the information you need to apply for the theory portion of the HGV driving test.
Practical Driving Test All the information you need to apply for the practical portion of the HGV driving test.

What's next?

So now you have seen what licences are available, how do you go about starting off?
Stage 1- Medical
Stage 2- Theory tests learning
Stage 3- Theory tests and assessment Lesson
Stage 4- Practical Driving Tests
Stage 5- CPC Driving Tests

Getting your HGV licence is easy with Stockport LGV Training Centre. Get in touch today!

Where are we?

Based in Stockport, next to the M60 junction 27 and only 6 miles from Manchester City Centre, customers come from all over the North West including Ashton-under-Lyne, Denton, Hyde to Buxton and the High Peak to Warrington and Liverpool, not forgetting Northwich, Middlewich and Chester.
We do cover Europe having had customers from France, Spain and Malta!

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